Rowena's Online 21-Step Confidence Challenge







This course is a 21-step program. Once bought, you will have access to it forever. It has a combination of video, audio and written text that will assist and educate you in understanding the habits and lifestyle changes that bring forth confidence. The daily text and videos are supported by a well-stocked toolbox of goal setting and gratitude charts to accompany your learning.  


The course is designed to be light, bright and pressure free. It is completely self-paced, so it can be easily incorporated into whatever your life looks like. You can start whenever you want and do it each day for 21 days, every Monday, once a month, or even just when you are searching for that little confidence boost. Once the course is completed it is yours to keep should you ever want to re-learn the information.


You will find this course easy to read, digest and implement into your life to create successful habits and ongoing confidence.