Absolute Abundance Series

Imagine creating a mindset that attracted wealth and abundance to you!
                    “What you focus on grows”

 Abundance is an overflowing wealth of the things you love – money, happiness, food, books – you name it, you can have an abundance of it. Having an abundant mindset allows these things to flow to you freely and easily in ways you may have considered previously inconceivable.
Would you love to improve your money mindset?
 Join our Absolute Abundance Series accountability program for 2021, starting January 18th.
One aspect of abundance is financial freedom. Abundance and financial freedom are intricately linked, and in this program we will be working with the concept of abundance, whilst specifically targeting financial abundance, setting a solid intention of financial freedom and working towards making a specific and individual goal happen easily and effortlessly. 
Applications are now open for you to join our Absolute Abundance Series accountability program for 2021, starting January 18th.
A small group of people have the opportunity to create an abundant mindset, release money blocks and have the support and group accountability for a year-long abundance focused goal in this month by month program. This is a full year program meeting every month for people wanting to take their abundance to the next level!
The course will provide you with:
Meditation and exercises to release money blocks, allowing you to receive more freely
Mindset strategies to create and attract abundance
Group accountability
Expert mentoring, guidance and insight from Rowena
Relevant reading material
Lively discussion and ideas from others
Clarity, commitment and consistency around your goals and mindset
In a focused environment, you will work in integration with the group (using the power of many) to achieve more!
You will love this program… if you are looking for support in reaching a financial goal and taking your abundance to a new level. Plus, you work better with validation and accountability, like (or need) a challenge or work smarter with a deadline. A major bonus for this type of program is that you will benefit from the shared experience and advice of a group mindset, while taking advantage of the group energy to achieve your individual goal.
Excited about joining up? Your position is booked and your first month paid for when you sign up on our try-booking site. Your ongoing investment is $150 per month, with the first month paid up front and followed by monthly invoices. This program runs from Jan-Nov 2021. A full year commitment is required in order for yourself and other group members to fully benefit from the program.
We are running two groups each month to account for the current interest in the program. Each group has a limit of 15 people per group, and we encourage all men and women over 18 to participate.
Join the Monday 10-12 group
Join the Monday 12.30-2.30 group
Dates: January 18, February 15, March 15, April 19, May 17, June 21, July 19, August 16, September 20, October 18, November 22.

January 18th, 2021 

10am- 12pm

$150 each month