Chantelle is an empathic energy healer who has a direct connection to the Akashic Records which she uses to assist her clients to go deeper into their superconscious, beyond their conscious and unconscious layers to discover what has happened in past, future or parallel lives to heal any wounds or clear debilitating energy that has been brought forward into their present lives to be worked through.

Chantelle also uses this process to help clients re-remember talents and gifts that have been long forgotten resulting in a clearer direction in life.

Tuesday's at The Flourish Centre
1 hour appointments available between 10am- 7pm
$60 Introduction offer for limited time
Concessions Available

For Bookings.... www.calendly.com/soulfuljuiciness
Contact Chantelle on 0426 067 562


1-hour Appointments

Available Times 10am- 7pm


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