Your Breathe and Sound Healing Journey




We are all vibratory beings - we connect through frequencies.  Every organ, bone and cell in your body has a resonant frequency when we hold emotions, feel sluggish or uninspired and it is sound that can powerfully reset and re-tune these subtle energy fields. Sound invokes, attunes, and transforms consciousness, and the vibrational effects upon body, mind and emotions brings a unique change in your state of being. 


Alchemy Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and Endocrine Bowls, they create both pure tones and harmonic overtones which have the ability to shift brain waves, enhancing relaxation, creativity and healing. This Sound Journey can help you unlock emotional barriers and blocked energy in your energy field and life, to bring you back to a harmonized balance.


Sound Journey invites you:

● Feel lighter, more balanced, refreshed and rejuvenated
● Create a profound sense of peace

● Release deep rooted tensions and emotional blocks

● Cleanse and balance all chakras
● Expand inner and outer aura opening to higher dimensional frequencies
● Harmonize the physical body as well as the mental and emotional bodies

● Align further to your greater truth 
● Connect to trust your intuition 


Breath powerfully carries the intention of your spirit, and bringing awareness to the breath will create a space for ultimate inner-healing and profound sense of wholeness.  This Breathwork is a pranayama, which is inhalation, exhalation and retention that balances oxygenating cells and regulating energy flow to the 72 thousand nadi’s [channels through which consciousness flows] to align the physical body and energetic being to upgrade ones whole vibrational field.  


Your Breathwork Journey invites you to:

● Gain awareness and true connection to the body

● Accelerate your performance

● Absolute connection and embodiment to be open-hearted, calm and centred
● Gain awareness and true connection to the body.

● Self exploration to connect to consciousness

● Release any stagnate emotional or physical energy out the mind and body

● Deeply relax

● Self-realisation of your own growth, freedom and discovery to your bodies innate intelligence to heal from within

"I highly recommended attending a Breathwork Journey once a week and watch your connection to creativity, wellness and spirit blossom."




Journey for the woman’s soul to embody all frequencies through a Breathwork Practice, Meditation Chakra Movement and Sound Healing.  You will re-connect, re-tune and return all energy that regulates your whole mind-body-spirit system, in a beautiful space created for each woman to use her power to bring in more light as she falls deep within, letting-go to completely nourish every part. Coming full-circle to a doorway of greater love for yourself.

Your Elemental Journey invites you:

● Reset your physical, mental body and embody your energetic being through a pranayama deep guided Breathwork Practice 

● Deeply relax in the harmonies of Alchemy Quartz Crystal Bowls and Endocrine Bowls enhancing relaxation and healing

● Gentle meditation chakra movements to invite a little more energy in places to joyfully and peacefully expand into spaces

● An energetic flush oxygenating every cell in your body

● Balance your chakras, inner & outer aura for opening higher dimensional spaces

● Unravel the entire body to be full of gratitude and self-love

● Simply remembering and connecting to your goddess beingness

● Evoke, awaken and embodiment of your body and being, for your true connection

● Expanding your awareness for your free spirit to fall in


♥️“It took me on such a journey, facing my ego, my self-confidence and landed me safely”

♥️“I thought I was over it, but it was still in my body”

♥️'I was scared to let go, especially when you said use my voice, but I heard other woman do it, and so I did. I didn't feel I was being honest at first then I REALLY let go!'.


A magical journey created to be a self-exploration to integrate the sacredness of the natural world around and the spaces to the wild landscapes within. 






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...Find your healing bliss with one of Hayley's Holistic Classes, here at The Flourish Centre each week on a Monday nights from the 10th of September 2018.

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