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Spring into Spring, Thrive, Flourish, Grow!


 Join a small group of like-minded souls who are looking to consciously break patterns of self-sabotage and align with their highest good, potential, happiness and joy.


In this 4-week program… be guided to how to access your inner knowing and listen to your intuition.  Create positive habits, routine and structure, practice the tools and strategies to set you free while getting clear on the goals you want to focus on to create a wonderful life.


Feel fantastic inside and out!


“Accept where you are and find your gift”.


Included in the program is…


  • Stretch & meditation.

  • Building your self-worth and changing your core beliefs.

  • Guidance to build intuition and protect your energy.

  • Learn to read Oracle Cards

  • Goal Setting

  • A Feng Shui challenge

  • Creating an abundant mindset


….and so much more


SUITABLE FOR: Like-minded souls who are looking to improve every aspect of their lives.


BRING: Yoga Mat (Optional blanket & pillow) and your authentic self.


SUPPLIED: Pen & paper, inspiration and wisdom.


GROUP SIZE: Limited to 12 places