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Anne-Marie is a Soul Alignment Practitioner

Watch the amazing effects of Anne-Marie channelling your soul's journey.

Anne-Marie will step into your life path, identifying and clearing soul trauma to bring you back to yourself, your true essence and your soul's potential.

The immediate effects are feeling lighter, stronger and being more aware of a greater vitality and energising energy.

~ Clear life blockages & repeating patterns.
~ Embrace self-worth & life force energy.
~ Release old romantic relationships.
~ Clear blockages to house, land & business success.
~ Clear health issues.

90 minute appointments
Available times 9:30-11am | 11-12:30pm | 1-2:30pm | 2:30-4pm | 4-5:30pm

Limited spaces available | Email us to book your place

Wednesday's Monthly 

Next Date 31st January 2018

90 minute Appointments

Available Times 9:30-11am | 11-12:30pm | 1-2:30pm | 2:30-4pm | 4-5:30pm

$200 cash or card on the day

"I feel really in control of my body and mind.  I seem to have control of parts of my mind I haven't been able to access before.  It feels really powerful."

J (Perth)