The Amazing Women Series commences April 22nd

Are you ready to share, connect and collaborate with some really amazing women this year?


Here at The Flourish Centre we have a community of like-minded women who would love to get to know you!

We are holding 6 events this year. Each event will highlight the amazing women we have bouncing around our Perth community.


Socializing in a relaxed and comfortable space, we think, encourages the skills of networking, and optimizes the opportunity for real connection and business self-promotion!


Regular meet-ups promote and optimize the chances of creating friendships and working business partnerships.

Each Amazing Women event runs as a stand-alone morning tea which gives you the opportunity to meet new or familiar faces. The morning starts with some meet and greet cuppa time. We then move rooms to sit comfortably and listen to one of our amazing Perth Business Women enlighten us with what contributes to her success. While she is imparting her words of wisdom, we have the opportunity to ask questions and dig a little deeper into "HOW" these amazing women tick.


Come once or a couple of times a year! Designed especially for you so you won’t need to pay upfront membership fees or plan too far in the future. However, if you like to plan and save money have a look at our Master Ticket which allows you entry to all 6 events while paying for 5!

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS ARE FREE! (To sign up go to membership tab).


Take the opportunity to create business and personal relationships which will allow you to promote yourself and your products, services and workshops while having a friendly chat with others. We all join in a group Instagram follow post presentation. This way you will be easily able to stay in contact with your new aquaintances!


Learn the skills of self-promotion, increase your ability to promote your business, gain confidence and develop deeper relationships through regular meet-ups with like-minded colleagues. All women don't need to have your own business. The only requirement is that you love being around inspiring women!


Open yourself to new opportunity, be a little bit brave and take the next step in promoting your business or hanging out with inspiring people.


We all know doing the same thing each time will get you the same's time to try something new and meet new people!


Join us…

Time- 9:30-11am

Where- The Flourish Centre | 32 Cedric Street, Stirling

Bring- Your friendly self, business cards

Cost- $42

2021 DATES - Click on the month to book

April 22nd  

May 20th

June 24th

July 22nd

Sept 22nd (Wednesday)

Nov 11th


Free Parking On-Site and Morning Tea Included


Amazing Women Series

Master Ticket

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Your master ticket allows you entry to all 6 events while only paying for 5!

2021 dates are...

April 22nd  Shannon Dunn

May 20th    Megan Del Borello

June 24th   Melissa & Emma

July 22nd   Metta Nielsen

Sept 22nd (Wednesday) Gemma Bardsley

Nov 11th     Kirsty Kolhagan