Owner | Founder of The Flourish Centre

Rowena welcomes you to "The Flourish Centre". As an Intuitive Consultant, Rowena specialises in Counselling, Guiding, Healing (Reiki) and Coaching her clients to live their true heart's desire.


Her life experience and extensive study into the mind, body, spirit connection allows her to fully integrate her knowledge base to assist you and create the perfect shift in energy vibration and mindset for you at this time.


Working with you and your unique story to achieve personal empowerment is Rowena's highest priority and is done in a nurtured and compassionate environment.


Rowena's intention is to create a relationship which is based on mutual respect, sincerity and accountability.


Her integrity, empathy and understanding allows you to explore your personal growth and self-development safely and with confidence. Homework is generally set each session to provide structure and guidance for you to thrive.


Rowena holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Nursing), Post Graduate Diploma in Midwifery and a Bachelor of Psychology. More information at




Feng Shui Consultations

 Lesley..Thought Partner &

Feng Shui Coach

Ever thought….

What would be really cool for your life?

Where do you see yourself going?

What do you love to do?

What makes you feel good?

A feng shui consultation is the beginning of an unfolding project that is guiding you to curate a new stage for your new story, to make you feel at home in a home you love.

Everyone is creating their own life.  Think of this as an adventure, the more fun this is for you the more successful it will be.


Email to secure your appointment today at


A consultation includes a questionnaire to get you thinking about various aspects of your life, a visit to your home (allow 3hrs), followed up by a written report.

The Art of Intentional Design

Personalized Bespoke Feng Shui

Intention is determination and resolve to act.  Intentional Design gets you thinking about…



Intuitive Energy healer

 Karishma is an intuitive energy  healer, passionate about healing and harmonizing the mind, body, spirit. This passion has led to the birth of Infinity Crystalline Healing, with the intention to assist each individual to heal, live more consciously and ultimately come back home to themselves and to remember their multi-dimensional selves.

An ardent crystal lover, Karishma combines Reiki and Crystal healing during her Crystalline Energy Healing Sessions. These sessions are designed to assist you in shifting your vibration to a higher state of being.

Along with being a qualified Reiki practitioner, Karishma also holds a Bachelor of Podiatric medicine and a Bachelor of Commerce. CEH sessions are available selected Saturdays and can be booked at

or alternatively call Karishma on 0421724 534




 Claire is a qualified Counsellor. During her studies to become a counsellor, She discovered her passion for using mindfulness as a tool to help both herself and others. The Health & Wellbeing Haven was developed to provide a safe space for parents and caregivers to nurture themselves while navigating the challenges that come with raising children in the twenty-first century. Claire chose to draw on her life experience, combining these with her qualifications, to provide a unique counselling service that includes in-person at The Flourish Centre on Tuesdays from January 2021, Please contact Claire for an appointment on 0438 198 949



Lil and Lisa

Holy Herbal 

Meet the sisters behind Holy Herbal Lil and Lisa. These medicine women will be bringing Sacred KaKao New Moon Ceremonies to The Flourish Centre. The sisters love to bring sacredness to our every day lives in a fun, light and simple way as they believe rituals don't need to be boring but respected. There's no need for fuss, you just need to respect Mother Nature and connect to the spirit of the plant and you have access to its healing power. Contact Lil on 0411 538 654



Higher Living Retreats





Join Melissa for a monthly Women Health Sessions, Thursdays at

 The Flourish Centre.

Women's Health Sessions are on again once a month in 2021!


Limited spaces


Book now to secure your spot –


Tickets $25 each or a whole year membership to all monthly sessions $150


Thursday 14th January 6.30pm


February – December is the FIRST Thursday of each month


Different holistic + health specialist speakers each month


Melissa Wilkes


Improve Yourself

Call Melissa on 0412 257016

Kirsty - 1.jpg


Sacred Reiki Healing

Would you like to feel connected to yourself, relaxed and light? Experiencing a treatment with Kirsty is a blissful feeling that is so good for your body, mind, soul and emotions. 
~ Meditation + Reiki + Crystal Healing Treatment 
~Reiki + Energy Healing Treatment 
~Manifest Your Dream Life - Meditation + Soul Coaching
Each treatment is filled with love, light and a safe space for you to receive. 

Now taking bookings for Saturdays 
The Flourish Centre
To book, contact Kirsty on 0409 882 920





Her Astrology/Tarot birth chart readings can help you to understand more about your life purpose, karma and soul evolution.  Each session is 1.5 hours and includes a birth chart reading as well as information about relevant solar revolutions and planetary transits. 

Paolla has been an astrologer for over 20 years. She is also a Tarot reader, Acupuncturist, Yoga teacher, Business Woman and a caring, loving mum of two beautiful boys.⁠⠀

Her main motivation is to be a guiding light to all those who are searching for evolution and spirituality. She is also a researcher in her field, with more than 5,000 astrology birth charts catalogued with findings of many patterns such as addictions, psychologic disorders, chronic syndromes, and others. ⁠⠀
As someone who has already experienced emotional and physical pain at a very young age, she has constructed a professional motivation based on empathy, love, and kindness with those who are suffering and searching for answers. Paolla is a living soul of the fifth dimension, always pursuing other souls to connect in the magical realms of this existence. ⁠⠀

If you are seeking answers or the map to your life's mission, Paolla is the guide. ⁠⠀

Paolla can help you with your: 


Paolla is available for appointments at The Flourish Centre, 
To book a session with Paolla, contact her on 0474 937 651 or at