6:30-9 PM

FRIDAY EVENING | 12th of October, 2018


Come together as part of our Women’s Circle each month to be nurtured, supported and present in the moment. We will embark on an evening of discovery to look inwards to reveal what is challenging for us right now, where the edge of those feeling, that healing is and be given a new name - a pulling name. This name will pull us into our potential and the qualities that we are longing to embody! 

Our women’s circle has been created from a heart-felt space and is a place where women support women. I delight in being able to hold space for women to come together to connect, learn, reflect and form new friendships. I guide the sessions with content that has come up for me that allows us to delve into ourselves and topics that will benefit us as we walk through life.

Find Katy & the Lotus on fb/insta or call Katy on 0401 741 733.